``The Company's unprecedented success is owned fully to its inspiring management team and its dynamic and higly motivated employess,

Their ability too turn situations around and their commitment to the highest standards of work ethic and service has placed Innovation Emirates in a leauge of its own.

With its strong foundations, an expert team of professionals and innovative plans for future growth,| am certain that Innovation Emirates will continue to to lead the way in the market, optimizing returns and grow strongly in the future. We will continue delivering the best to our customers.

We aim to provide our clients with turnkey solutionfor applied finishes of the highest quality & standard from conceptulaization to completion in the sitpulated time,achieved through the synergy of professional management & team work. Our philosophy is to operateprofessionally by using the expertise of our directors,executives,gained through combination of proven technology & innovative solution with a welth of practival knowledge earned by the multiple years of experiance providing professinal execution with the aim of winning clients trust & complete satisfaction

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The ongoing development in UAE has led to an increase in the demand for all types of civil and building construction, with some of the most extraordinary projects being executed in the country.
Innovation Emirates General Contracting LLC .is one of the pioneer organizations as Engineering Service provider to the Industrial sector that provides comprehensive and technically specialized services along with Inspection and Project Management Maintenance.
Personnel for Civil Works, MEP Projects, Oil & Gas, Power, Production and Landscaping Projects.

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Bulding Construction

The building construction units of Innovation Emirates General Contracting L.L.C.


By combining today’s modern technology in software and advanced machinery,


This company performs the services in accordance with the environmental policies,


Hospitality village is Located at the heart of Ruwais, with an area of 400 x 400 meters.


Hospitality Village camp project provides top-notch
accommo-dation services to all clients


We will meet the clients’ needs in the most complete, cost effective, efficient